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We have some top notch, exciting performers lined up for you this year.
Check them out below!


Bulldog Airshows

Bulldog Airshows

Considered by many as the premier solo act in the business today, Jim LeRoy has pushed aerobatic flying to a new and unsurpassed level. With a routine full of signature maneuvers and heart stopping surprises, Jim redefines the limits with explosive, non-stop action from start to finish. "People want to see low, wild, and seemingly out of control, but at the same time they want discipline, precision, and complete control" says Jim. "You've got to take all of those elements and fuse them together in just the right way". Jim attacks the classic maneuvers with a "new age" energy, adds the state of the art gyroscopic stuff, throws in some tricks of his own and combines it all into a mesmerizing display of aerodynamic dynamite that will leave even the most seasoned airshow spectators shaking their heads in amazement.
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Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

Aeroshell Aerobatic Team

A formation aerobatic team flying the World War II North American Advanced Trainer, the aircraft that launched thousands of American and Canadian cadets on their flying careers generations ago, now thrill audiences everywhere as the pilots who make up The AeroShell Aerobatic Team take these valiant old birds through a series of precision formation aerobatic maneuvers. The Team combines the skill, competence and flair of these pilots with the roar and billowing smoke of the powerful 600 HP Pratt and Whitney engines. Performing a series of precision formation aerobatic maneuvers, including their bomb burst, vertical rejoin, avalanche, the breath-taking "Switch Blade", along with graceful loops and rolls. The Team will bring a lump to your throat and a tear of remembrance to your eye.
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Vintage 1958 Lockheed T-33

This particular T-33 was one of the last manufactured and was in service with the USAF from 1958-76. In 1976 it was MAPed to the Yugoslavian Air Force where it served until 1986 when it was sold into private hands back into the US. In 1990, Fowler's former partner, the late Randall Hames, purchased the T-33 while it was still disassembled. After an extensive 2 1/2 year restoration, the airframe and engine were totally overhauled, and the distinctive USAF Thunderbirds paint scheme added. Fowler & Randall began campaigning the airshow circuit in 1993 as Vintage Thunderbird in their Lockheed T-33A.
Click on the T-33's picture to go to Big Dog's website.
OTTO - The Helicopter

Otto-The Helicopter

OTTO is a Schweizer 300 C, certificated as a Hughes 269 three-place helicopter, which is powered by a Lycoming HIO 360 engine.
OTTO cruises at 90 miles per hour.
OTTO has a fully articulated three-rotor blade system
OTTO dons a smiley face for his performance, where the crowd cheers as he tries to make good on his claim to do aerobatics "in his own way -- OTTO STYLE" like an airplane.
OTTO is a real character and personality with the help of his OTTO Pilot, Roger, and his announcer, Pauline.
OTTO loves America and sports red, white, and blue paint.
OTTO has a unique smoke system.
OTTO, a former San Antonio Police Department helicopter, serves and protects as he turns on his siren and uses his hook to catch a bubble gum thief.
OTTO-Matic Fun is a sure thing when OTTO is "on stage" in the box at any airshow.
OTTO seats two passengers along with his OTTO-Pilot, of course.
OTTO follows Roger and Pauline behind their motor home on his helipad/trailer to airshows all over America, Canada, and Mexico.
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Hawaiian Fire Department

The worlds fastest truck
This 1940 Ford is powered by two Rolls/Royce 601 Viper engines w/afterburners, this truck is guaranteed to be the first at any fire, maybe even before its own sirens! Developing 12,000 pounds of thrust, how fast will it go?... Depends on how long you hold on!
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