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March 2008

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This Media Resource Guide contains the following:


    Media Contact Information

    Phaedra Childers


    Media Day (Wednesday February 27, 2008)

      Media Ride Opportunities

    Air Show Weekend (March 15 and 16)

      o News Media Access and Assistance

      o Credentials/ Show Information/ Request for Interviews

    Scheduled Performers

    Scheduled Static Displays


    Additional Public and General Information

Special needs parking



      Additional Activities


The Thunder in the Valley Air Show ( is scheduled for March 15-16, 2008, at the Columbus Metro airport, Columbus, Ga., from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.

The Thunder in the Valley Air Show is for the benefit of youth organizations in the Chattahoochee Valley. Past shows have provided support for more than 11,000 youth in the Chattahoochee Valley area. The air show is a fun, family-friendly event that is both alcohol and tobacco free.

Thunder in the Valley Air Show has been in existence for 11 years. The air show began as a local fly-in for aviation enthusiasts. Excitement from these shows grew into one of the largest outdoor family event in the Chattahoochee Valley area. The show brings in top performers from across the United States and has received national attention by the International Convention of Air Shows for excellence in marketing. For the last two years, Thunder in the Valley Air Show received first and second place awards for small market events.

Media Contact Information:

Phaedra Childers

Marketing and Media Coordinator


[email protected]

Media Day (Wednesday February 27, 2008)

There are exclusive opportunities for the Media to meet the performers, historians, air crews and personnel before the show. Photo opportunities, plane-side and tank-side interviews and media rides can also be requested.

Media Ride Opportunities

During Media Day, a limited number of aerobatic rides by show performers are available. Rides are restricted to working media only and must be scheduled with Phaedra Childers, marketing and media coordinator, at 706/442-7595, ASAP.

All rides must be scheduled in advance; however, if time and schedule permits, a limited number of rides may be arranged on first-come, first-serve basis. All media must be prepared to provide your name, news organization, title and contact numbers (including day and evening).

Air Show Weekend (March 15 and 16)

News Media Access and Assistance

Notes to editors, reporters, camera people and photographers: For access, media should present their news organization identification at the Thunder in the Valley Media Check-In area. This area will be adjacent to the VIP/Media gates. Identification/credentials will be requested at the gate to gain access to the airport. If you need radio or live-truck access, contact Phaedra Childers, marketing and media coordinator by March 12 at 706/442-7595.

Credentials/ Show Information/ Request for Interviews

    All media will receive air show credentials, upon arrival and presentation of identification at the Media Check-in area. There will be no Thunder in the Valley Air Show credential issued in advance.

    Working news media must present identification from their news organization at the media check-in area to be granted access to the special flight-line, media-viewing area.

    Media kits and the media relations staff will be available beginning at 9:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 15 and Sunday, March 16.

    A definite and exact schedule for the aerobatic portion of the performances will be prepared and issued each morning of the event (no sooner), and will be available at the check-in area.

    Interview opportunities with show performers, sponsors, military, government, VIPS and the show-production entity will be available through the media relations staff.


Featured Performer: Team AeroStar

B-52 Fly-By

Fagen Inc. - Greg Poe


Flash Fire Jet Truck - Neal Darnell


Fowler "Big Dog" Carey Lockheed T-33 - "There is nothing better than spending a weekend with kids of all ages that love aviation. The first time I saw the world upside down at 100' AGL & 500 mph, I knew I had to be a player!"

This particular T-33 was one of the last manufactured and was in service with the USAF from 1958-76. In 1976 it was MAPed to the Yugoslavian Air Force where it served until 1986 when it was sold into private hands back into the US. In 1990, Fowler's former partner, the late Randall Hames, purchased the T-33 while it was still disassembled. After an extensive 2 1/2 year restoration, the airframe and engine were totally overhauled, and the distinctive USAF Thunderbirds paint scheme added. Fowler & Randall began campaigning the airshow circuit in 1993 as Vintage Thunderbird in their Lockheed T-33A.

Airshow Routine (20 minutes at 500 mph with surface unlimited waiver) includes high speed pass w/2 climbing aileron rolls, Cuban 8 with roll on the 45 degree down line, four-point roll, four inverted pass, roll reversal, three linked aileron rolls, knife-edge pass, loop, and arching photo pass exposing canopy to crowd line.

Fowler "BIG DOG" Cary, Jr., 803-254-9500, [email protected].

Greg Koontz Airshows

Pacific Prowler

Tim Webber Airshows

US Army Silver Wings - Silver Wings are the official Fort Benning, Georgia, Command Exhibition Parachute Demonstration Team.

The Silver Wings is comprised of Soldiers from throughout the Fort Benning airborne community. They have diverse backgrounds and various military specialties. The average age is 33 years old and the average number of free fall jumps range between 200-2500 per team member. The team represents the professionalism and dedication of the specially trained Soldiers that are products of the United States Army Infantry Center and Schools, to include Airbone, Pathfinders, and the Army elite Rangers.

Silver Wings Team Leader, (706) 545-2761.



A-1E SkyRader AH-64 Apache B-25 Mitchell "Panchito"
C-17 Globe Master III CH-46 Chinook CH-53 Sea Dragon
C-130 Hercules Casa Jet Cessna Grand Caravan
Cessna Mustang Jet Cessna 182 D-17 Stagger Wing
E-2C HawkEye F-16 F-18 Hornet

Fedex 727 Aircraft

MH-53E Sea Dragon OH-58D Kiowa
P-47 Thunderbolt P-51 Mustang SNJ Cpt. Joe Fagundes
T-28 Trojan T-33 "Thunderbird" TBM Avenger
UH-1 Cobra UH-1 Huey V-22 Osprey
Army Ambulance Army Hummer

Bradley Infantry Fighting


Vintage Army Jeeps Vintage Cars  


Additional Public and General Information

Special needs parking

Parking is available for persons with special needs near the VIP parking lot. Parking cards should be displayed, so parking volunteers can direct them to the correct parking area.


Limited parking available at the airport. The cost is $10 per vehicle. FREE parking is available at Columbus State University (includes FREE shuttle service). For safety concerns, "no parking" rules will be enforced on Airport Thruway and Moon Road.


Tickets are sold per day, so attendance both days would require two tickets. The air show is scheduled rain or shine. There will be no rain dates and no refunds.

    At the gate – $10 per day

    In advance – $8 per day

    World Omega Travel Agency, Ft. Benning, Ga. – $5.50 per day

    Children 6 and under – Free

Advance tickets are available for purchase at the following sponsored locations:

Neighborhood Boy Scouts and the Boy Scout offices

McDonalds in Columbus, Ga. and Phenix City, Al.

Wachovia Bank branches in Columbus, Ga., Pine Mountain, Ga., Hamilton, Ga., Ft. Benning, Ga. and Phenix City, A..

Additional Activities:


    ATM availability

    Infantry Weapon and Warbird Restoration displays

    Flight simulators

    Carnival fun area

    Helicopter rides

    Airplane rides