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Racing airplanes at Air Shows at 350 mph or screaming down the 1/4 mile drag strip in just over 6 sec, this 12,000 hp fire-breathing Jet Truck is a real crowd pleaser.

With a thrust to weight ratio of almost 4 to 1, if pointed straight up, Flash Fire Jet Truck could accelerate faster than the Space Shuttle. The 0-60 mph time is 1.5 seconds. During acceleration, Neal Darnell, the pilot of this awesome machine, experiences 6 g's and when the 16 foot chute deploys to stop the truck it's 9 g's negative. The Jet Truck will actually slow down an unbelievable 100 mph in just over 1 second. The parachute , when deployed, will slow the Jet Truck from 350 to 250 mph in the 1st second, sometimes creating enough force for the truck to pull a 300 mph wheelie with the front wheels up to 18" in the air. Watch closely!

The Smoke and Fire Afterburner Pre-Show is incredible and Night Shows are even more spectacular when Fireworks actually shoot off the truck during the run. You will feel the Afterburner explosions pounding your chest.

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